English courses in Australia

English courses in Australia

English language course is one of the most popular study option in Australia.

Benefits of enrolling English language course in Australia

  • If you are not confident in your English language skills or didn’t score high enough on IELTS test, English language course can be a right choice for you since enrollment does not require passed IELTS test 
  • You have the opportunity to start your course every Monday
  • You can improve your English language course much faster than taking a course in your home country
  • You can use this time to adjust to the new environment, lifestyle, new culture and distance from your family
  • After completing your English language course, you can extend your visa form Australia and continue your studies

Types of English courses in Australia

There are different types of English language courses and these are some of the most popular options which are available to students:

  • General English – this course is mainly tailored for students who have basic knowledge. If your aim is to improve your English language skills for everyday use, travels, business purposes or to get some basic knowledge which you could upgrade further, this type of course is the best option for you.
  • English for Academic Purposes – English language course for academic purposes is the choice for you if you plan on continuing your studies at some university or college in Australia. You will gain necessary knowledge in order to easily learn and participate in classes.
  • IELTS Preparation – If your plan is to take IELTS test in order to continue your studies and you need previous preparation, this course is the best choice for you. Besides IELTS preparation there are preparation courses for other internationally recognized English language tests such as CAE, CPE.

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