VET courses in Canada

VET courses in Canada

Vocational programs in Canada, known as Vocational Training, by education level come after completed secondary education and before bachelor studies.

These programs are designed to offer practical and professional skills and knowledge necessary for jobs that are of crucial importance for society.

Benefits of Vocational studies in Canada

  • Main benefit of taking VET programs in Canada is gaining and developing practical knowledge and professional skills for desired profession
  • VET courses last shorter and cost less than Bachelor studies
  • Depending on completed program and level, some exams you passed could be recognized during enrollment in Bachelor studies so you will need less time to finish this studies
  • Employers highly value VET degrees due to their focus on development of necessary skills that are in demand on modern market, which makes it easier to find a job and guarantees you advancement in a career 
  • There are so called co-op programs which allow students theory learning including the period of working in your profession which is organized by your college
  • Work experience you gain including Post-Graduation Work visa after studies could help you qualify for permanent residence in Canada

Levels of Vocational courses:

  • Certificate
  • Diploma
  • Associate Degree
  • Co-op programs (Co-op programs include theory lessons and paid practice in your profession organized by your college)

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