Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Australia is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, it is considered as the third largest destination by the number of international students, following the United States and the United Kingdom. Australia owes its popularity to excellent education system, well respected diplomas, affordable study and living costs when compared to other English speaking countries, multicultural environment, pleasant weather and laid back lifestyle.

Students who opt for Australia as a study destination can choose among 43 universities, of which many have multiple campuses across the country, 59 public colleges, and hundreds private colleges and English language schools. Studying in Australia is characterized by useful knowledge, acquiring practical skills, modern study conditions and study methods, very experienced lecturers and many opportunities to gain practical experience and networking opportunities within the industry.

Study options in Australia

There are many study options in Australia.

Enrollment requirements

To enroll in studies in Australia, student must meet some requirements. In general there are 2 main conditions:

  • Academic requirement – Student must already have adequate education level needed for enrollment in the chosen program. For example in order to enroll in VET or Bachelor program, student must have High School Diploma, a Bachelor diploma is necessary for Master studies, while for PhD studies Master degree is a must.
  • English language requirement – Student should pass English language proficiency test and have appropriate score. Australian education institutions accept all internationally recognized tests while the most popular ones are IELTS and TOEFL. The needed score depends on the study level and study field. For some fields such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, education and such the requirements are more rigorous compared to other study areas. Students who enroll in English language course don’t need to take English proficiency test.

Some education institutions can have additional enrollment conditions for specific study fields. For instance, for study programs in creative art they can ask for a portfolio, for some programs prior education and experience in that field could be a requirement etc.

To enroll in PhD studies, student must prepare and write a research proposal and to find a mentor who would approve it and accept to supervise the student.


The enrollment process consists of 3 phases:

1. Counselling and planning

The first step in the procedure is informing and planning. First of all, students must get familiar with all steps of the procedure and all requirements. It is necessary to make a time plan and to make a decisions in which city would they like to study, which institution and which program as well as when they would like to start their studies.

2. Enrollment

Once students decide what they would like to study, the next step is to start with online enrollment and send all necessary documentation to school. If school accepts that student, they will issue Letter of Offer. In order to finalize the enrollment student must accept the offer, make a payment for the first installment and organize mandatory health insurance for the whole duration of studies. Enrollment procedure is final with issuance of Confirmation of Enrollment.

3. Preparing the application and applying for a visa

When student gets their Confirmation of Enrollment, they can proceed to the final phase which is preparation and submission of the visa application. Visa application procedure is serious process which requires time, careful preparation, to be well informed and committed in order to prepare the application in the best possible way and increase the chances for positive outcome. Application for student visa is submitted online, through the official website of the Department of Home Affairs of Australia, which is also the way to submit the supporting documents.

Student visa

In order to study in Australia at some of many study programs which last more than 3 months you need to acquire student visa for Australia.

In order to get the student visa, students must prove that they are genuine student and that they plan to stay temporarily in Australia. In addition, students must prove that they can cover all costs of studying and staying in Australia.

Student who have family can have their partner and children accompany them in Australia for the period of their studies. As studying abroad often takes time, students don’t have to separate from their loved ones, they have the opportunity to add them to their visa application and if the outcome is positive they can travel to Australia together.

Work opportunities

Studying abroad in Australia is not only an opportunity to gain respected diploma and quality education, but it is also an opportunity to gain valuable international work experience and connections, which can bring huge benefits for further career.

Work during studies

Student visa for Australia allows students to work part time during their studies, while during holidays and study breaks they can work full time. Part time work means 20 hours per week, the only exception are PhD and Master by Research students who are allowed to work full time during whole visa duration.

Apart from time limit, student don’t have other limitations regarding where they could work, certain fields such as health and related fields are the only exception. Young student without experience usually find student jobs, while more experienced students could easily find entry level jobs in their field. Students can cover basic living costs with money they earn during studies.

Students partners are also allowed to work part time during student visa duration. If their partners are enrolled in Master by Coursework, Master by Research or PhD program, they can work full time.

Temporary Graduate Visa

Students who complete higher education program (Bachelor, Master or PhD) in Australia which last at least 2 years have the opportunity to apply for Temporary Graduate visa – Post Study Work stream and stay in Australia for additional 2 to 5 years and work full time. Students can add their family members to this application as well, and partner can work full time.

Duration of this visa depends on study level and location where student studied. After completing Bachelor or 2 year Master studies in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane they can get this visa for 2 years, while studying in any other city would mean getting this visa for 3 years. Master by Research students get this visa for a period of 3 years, while those who study in regional cities such as Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or Gold Coast can get it for a period of 4 years which is duration of this visa for PhD students. PhD students in regional cities can stay and work in Australia for 5 years after completion of their studies.

Benefits of studying in Australia

  • Australia offers benefits such as outstanding education at some of the globally recognized universities
  • Multicultural environment will give you opportunity to meet people from all over the world and get to know their culture
  • During studies, students have the right to work and gain work experience in Australia which significantly raises their chances for future employment 
  • Lower costs of studying in comparison to the USA and the UK and well-paid jobs with a minimum hourly rate of 20$ allow students to cover their study costs as well as living and staying in Australia
  • Australian universities offer partial scholarships for some undergraduate and postgraduate studies, these scholarships cover 20-30% of tuition for a year or for a whole period of studying.
  • Laidback and peaceful lifestyle and safe environment. Pleasant climate, large number of beaches and parks for relaxation.



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