Study in Australia

Study in Australia

Australia represents a home for some of the world’s best universities which offer many study options and study fields.

Excellent education system and high living standard attract more and more international students to Australia every year.

Benefits of studying in Australia

  • Australia offers benefits such as outstanding education at some of the globally recognized universities
  • Multicultural environment will give you opportunity to meet people from all over the world and get to know their culture
  • During studies, students have the right to work and gain work experience in Australia which significantly raises their chances for future employment 
  • Lower costs of studying in comparison to the USA and the UK and well-paid jobs with a minimum hourly rate of 20$ allow students to cover their study costs as well as living and staying in Australia
  • Australian universities offer partial scholarships for some undergraduate and postgraduate studies, these scholarships cover 20-30% of tuition for a year or for a whole period of studying.
  • Laidback and peaceful lifestyle and safe environment. Pleasant climate, large number of beaches and parks for relaxation.

Study options in Australia

There are many study options in Australia.

  • English language courses
  • Vocational Education and Training courses (VET)
  • Bachelor studies
  • Graduate certificate and diploma
  • Master studies
  • PhD studies

Student visa

In order to study in Australia at some of many study programs which last more than 3 months you need to acquire student visa for Australia.


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