English and French courses in Canada

English and French courses in Canada

Course of English or French language is an ideal option for future international students who are not confident in their language skills and plan to study, live and work in Canada.

Benefits of enrolling language courses in Canada

  • If you are not confident in your English or French language skills or you haven’t passed some of the required tests in order to enroll in studies, these courses are perfect option for you
  • For courses that last up to 6 months you need visitor visa, while for those which last more than 6 months you need student visa
  • Living in multicultural environment will help you learn language faster and better than taking regular course in your home country
  • You can use this period to adjust to new lifestyle and environment, if your further plan is to study and work in Canada
  • Upon course completion you can extend your student visa and continue your studies

Types of language courses in Canada

There are many different types of English and French language courses in Canada, some of the most popular are:

  • Beginner level – This course is made for beginners and students with basic language skills, for those who want to learn language for everyday use, work and similar.
  • Academic level – Designed for those who plan on improving their skills in order to study in Canada
  • Business level – This course is made for everyone who need to improve their communication skills in business environment and these courses can be specialized for certain business fields
  • Exam preparation – Designed for everyone who intend to take some internationally recognized English (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL) or French (DALF/DELF) language test

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