Phd studies in Canada

Phd studies in Canada

PhD studies represent the highest level of education in Canada and due to high academic standards they offer these programs are recognized and highly respected globally.

Canadian universities offer students high end equipment and laboratories as well as highly qualified professors and researchers who represent very top of world science and innovations.

Benefits of PhD studies in Canada

  • High quality of education is guaranteed and qualifications are recognized worldwide.
  • For talented Bachelor students, Canadian universities offer special programs (Non-Terminal Programs) which represent combination of Master and PhD studies.
  • Due to significant funds invested in high education, through scholarships and research projects, Canada represents a land of opportunities for future PhD students, researchers and scientists.
  • With student visa you and your partner are allowed to work during studies.
  • After completed studies you have opportunity to apply for Post-Graduation Work visa which allows you to live and work in Canada up to 3 years.
  • Work experience gained after completed studies could help you to qualify for permanent residence in Canada

Important information and conditions for Phd studies in Canada


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