VET courses in New Zealand

VET courses in New Zealand

New Zealand offers wide range of professional and vocational programs. Regarding level of qualification these programs are positioned after secondary education but below Bachelor studies.

VET programs are offered at 18 technical and polytechnic institutes (ITPs), at over 600 private colleges (PTEs) as well as at Wänanga institutions. They are designed to offer professional skills, qualifications and practical experience for working in professional jobs anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Vocational programs in New Zealand

  • Vocational programs offer professional and practical skills and qualifications for a job in the fields that are of crucial importance for society
  • Employers in New Zealand highly value practical knowledge and skills which can help you getting a job and career advancement
  • These qualifications are recognized worldwide.
  • Vocational programs last and cost less than Bachelor studies.
  • These programs could be a stepping stone for Bachelor studies, passed exams are recognized at universities so further studies can be easier and last shorter
  • With student visa you are allowed to work during studies part-time jobs (up to 20 hours a week) and during breaks full-time jobs
  • After completed studies, post-Study Work visa will allow you to temporarily stay and work in New Zealand. If you complete this studies in Auckland you can get this visa for a period of a year, but if you study in some other city in New Zealand this visa is issued for a period of two years.
  • Work experience you gain with this visa can help you to settle permanently in New Zealand.

Levels of Vocational courses:

  • Certificate I-IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced diploma

Important information and conditions for VET courses in New Zealand


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