Study in Italy

Study in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular study destinations in Europe due to its academic excellence and affordable tuition fees. Italy offers some of the oldest universities in the world as well as many other prestigious educational institutions. Over 250 universities, academies and other high education institutions across the country offer a large number of study programs in Italian and English language. Italian education system offers valuable degrees and qualifications which open many doors in the world.

Benefits of studying in Italy

  • High quality system of education, prestigious universities, study programs in all study fields and degrees that are recognized and respected all over the world
  • All study programs are offered in Italian language, but the number of programs offered in English language is rising
  • Tuition fees in Italy are generally affordable compared to other popular destinations, students are also offered different types of scholarships which ease their study costs
  • In general international students have the opportunity to work during their studies, student coming from EU can work with no restrictions, while students coming from third countries are limited to 20 hours per week
  • Italy is popular Mediterranean country which offers unique multinational environment, opportunity to meet different cultures as well as possibility to experience the famous Italian way of living
  • Italy offers an exciting and inspirational study environment with its nature, culture and historic sites, popular sporting and social events

Study options in Italy

There are many different study option in Italy:

  • Italian language course
  • Bachelor studies
  • Mater studies
  • Specialized master studies
  • Integrated studies
  • PhD studies

Student visa

Student visa is not necessary for students coming from European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland, they only need residence permit. Student coming from third countries and want to enroll in program which lasts longer than 3 months must apply for national visa D, and upon arrival to Italy for residence permit as well.


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