Student visa for Spain

Student visa for Spain

Is student visa necessary in order to study in Spain and what type of visa the students need depends on the student’s country of passport and how long they wish to study. For students who are coming from European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland student visa is not necessary, but they need to register they stay in order to get residence permit (NIE). Students coming from third countries must have appropriate student visa. For programs which last from 3 to 6 months students need short-term student visa and those who enrolled in longer lasting program need long-term student visa-national visa. Upon arrival to Spain students who have national visa must to apply for foreigner student card (TIE) which stands as residence permit.

Student visa application procedure requires commitment, knowledge and detailed preparation so the whole process can go smoothly and successfully. After many years of working with students, I have enough experience and knowledge and I can help you by guiding you through the entire process, from enrollment to visa application.

Work while studying

  • International students in Spain can work 20 hours per week
  • Students coming from EU/EEA and Switzerland can work without work permit they only need to register at the appropriate social service
  • Students coming from third countries can work if they get work permit


  • Counseling and choosing educational institution and program
  • Preparation of enrollment documentation and enrollment
  • Receiving an offer
  • Accepting the offer and receiving confirmation of enrollment
  • Applying for visa and preparing for departure

Benefits of student visa in Spain

  • Spanish student visa gives the opportunity to gain quality education and recognized diploma
  • Opportunity to study at some of the very old and respected education institutions
  • Studying in Spain gives the opportunity to learn or improve Spanish language skills
  • Students have the opportunity to get work permit, work during studies and gain valuable work experience
  • Student visa can help you to stay in Spain and work
  • Opportunity for personal development in a unique multicultural environment

Requirements for student visa for Spain

  • To be enrolled as a full time student at some accredited education institution in Spain
  • To have adequate level of education needed for enrolled studies
  • To be financially capable to cover costs of studying and staying in Spain
  • To have adequate health insurance
  • To have organized accommodation for a period of studies
  • To be in a good health
  • To be person of good character without any convictions

Study in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular study destinations in Europe which offers excellent education system, large number of study programs in all study fields and qualifications recognized and respected all over the world. All study programs in Spain are being offered in Spanish language and besides that there is also a wide range of programs offered in English language. Besides quality education, Spain attracts a large number of students with affordable tuition fees and exciting Mediterranean environment.

Study options in Spain

  • Spanish language course
  • Bachelor studies
  • Master studies
  • PhD studies

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